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Which Healthy Foods Are Actually Fake?

Some people are aware that they are not eating healthy and they are admitting it. Others are adamant about eating healthy, yet are not aware that some of the foods they perceive as healthy are actually doing harm to their diet. No matter how much you eliminate the junk food from your diet, you can never claim that you are eating healthy when there is at least one in your menu that isn’t considered as such. Ready to learn what these “healthy” foods are?


Protein Bars

It can be quite confusing when there are fattening foods sold inside the gym. And because you don’t want to add more calories, your go-to snack is the protein bar. However, you need to keep in mind why they are called protein bars in the first place – they are intended for people that do not have enough protein from their natural diet, such as egg whites, tofu, beans, poultry, lean meats, etc. Also, most protein bars are loaded with high fructose corn syrup or sugar. And they also come with over 200 calories. You think that would fill you up? Look for a healthier alternative.


Flavoured Yogurts

You’ve seen a lot of low-fat diet plans wherein it suggests several healthy snacks, including yogurt. And there is nothing wrong about taking in yogurt. In fact, this refers to eating plain yogurt as they contain low sugars, not to mention they also have probiotics, a component that aids in digestion. Another perk from plain yogurt – a single cup also gives your body vitamin D, potassium, and calcium. All those vitamins and minerals, who would want to deny eating yogurt? However, it tells a different story when you choose fruit-flavored yogurts. Most of the time these are designed for kids’ consumption and they often contain high fructose corn syrup. If that doesn’t give you much of an idea what it is, just imagine coating your banana with chocolate and you call it healthy food. Another mistake some people make is mixing plain yogurt with granola mixes. The latter contains high sugar that you want to avoid. You should go for some blueberries. If you want the extra crunch, go for shredded wheat.



Fruit Juice

One glass of orange juice early in the morning is acceptable, but when you drink more than that, juices such as grape juice, cranberry juice and more will add more calories to your diet. Just imagine 150 calories per serving? And you think they are all just liquid that will be flushed out of the body. Don’t forget, fruit juices also have some serious sugar in there, at least it is 20mg each serving. You need to go the extra mile if you want to drink fruit juice – make your own from freshly squeezed grapefruit or orange juice. This will even make you lose weight, too.


Frozen Meals

Does this even need to be explained? However, some frozen foods are claimed healthy when they are not. When you are trying to avoid unhealthy meals, you often take a turn to frozen meals because you do not need to check the back of the label. All you need to do is punch it in the microwave and then serve. It is already common knowledge today that frozen meals contain high sodium. Some of them even have preservatives and a whole load of carbs. It would be better if you have your meal prepped by a gourmet chef instead.



Try to be as wary as possible when you meet food items that are declared as healthy. If you are on a diet routine suggested in the hCG drops, a supplement that will help you lose weight, it will only ruin your program and you have to start all over again.